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  • Khushboo Pareek

LinkedIn to introduce TikTok-like video feature in app

Microsoft-owned LinkedIn is stepping into the realm of short-form video content with the testing of a new feature similar to a feed of TikTok-like vertical videos.

The move follows the trend set by other popular apps like Instagram and YouTube, all of which have introduced short-form video feeds inspired by TikTok's success.

Although not yet publicly announced, users have spotted the feature in recent days, and the company has confirmed the tests to TechCrunch.

Instagram employee Jenny Eishingdrelo shared a screenshot and influencer marketing executive Austin Null shared a video to demonstrate shared insights into LinkedIn's new feature.

According to them, the feature will be accessible through a separate "video" tab within the LinkedIn app. Users will navigate through vertical clips by scrolling vertically, similar to TikTok or Instagram Reels.

Austin Null, who serves as a strategy director at influencer agency McKinney, was among the first to spot the feature. He provided a brief demonstration on LinkedIn, showcasing the new feed located in the app's navigation bar under a distinct "Video" tab.

Upon tapping this tab, users will enter a vertical feed of short videos that can be swiped through. Features include the ability to like, comment, or share videos.

The company, however, has not disclosed how the feed determines which videos to display to users.

LinkedIn had earlier experimented with a Stories feature for temporary posts, which lasted less than a year.

The latest addition resembles the vertical short-form video feeds found in other apps, but with a focus on careers and professionalism.

While video posting has always been possible on LinkedIn, the new feature aims to enhance engagement and discovery on the platform by offering easily digestible videos that users can quickly browse through.





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