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  • Voltaire Staff

AI startup 'Sarvam' ties up with Microsoft for Indian language LLM

Microsoft has teamed up with Indian startup Sarvam AI to develop voice-based generative AI apps, reinforcing its commitment to AI innovation in India.

Sarvam AI will make its Indic voice large language model available on Azure.

Microsoft wrote on its website, "The collaboration aims to enable Sarvam AI to leverage Azure AI and Azure Infrastructure to build and deploy their voice LLM stack. It also aims to enable developers to build generative AI apps at scale and empower enterprises to adopt generative AI quickly and responsibly."

Sarvam AI specialises in constructing generative AI models tailored for Indic languages and settings, with a focus on enhancing the accuracy and affordability of developing and deploying generative AI applications in India.

Their flagship product, the Indic Voice Large Language Model (LLM), is designed to offer a seamless voice-based interface to LLMs, starting with Hindi.

Sarvam AI is dedicated to broadening its language coverage to encompass more Indian languages while also ensuring compatibility with colloquial language usage.

Pratyush Kumar, co-founder of Sarvam AI, said, "We are very excited to collaborate with Microsoft to make advanced AI technology accessible and impactful for everyone in India. This partnership embodies our vision of ‘Sarvam’ – meaning ‘all’ – by enhancing AI’s reach across various Indian languages and sectors." 

This collaboration extends beyond mere infrastructure support.

Sarvam AI and Microsoft are engaged in joint research endeavours aimed at enhancing support for Indian languages within Microsoft's Generative AI frontier language models, with a focus on deploying them at scale.

The Bengaluru-based startup had in last December secured a funding of  $41 million in Series A round, led by Lightspeed and supported by Peak XV Partners and Khosla Ventures, in what it touted as largest ever raise at the stage by any Indian startup.  




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