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  • Voltaire Staff

AI will become smarter than smartest human in 2 years, predicts Elon Musk

AI will become smarter than the smartest person on Earth by 2026, and only constraint in that development is electricity and lack of chips, billionaire tech mogul Elon Musk said on Monday.

In a talk on X's Spaces platform with Norwegian wealth fund manager Nicolai Tangen, Musk said, "If you define AGI (artificial general intelligence) as smarter than the smartest human, I think it's probably next year, within two years." 

Musk also said that the latest development in AGI was hampered by the lack of high powered chips. He said he would need many more thousands of chips to build the latest version of Grok, an AI-powered chatbot built by xAI, a company he launched last year to rival OpenAI.

Musk has accused OpenAI of deviating from its original stated aim of building AI for the benefit of humanity and forging a for-profit business.

OpenAI denied the allegations releasing an email trail that apparently showed Musk trying to take over the company. The two parties are locked in a lawsuit since.

Musk, during his chat with the Norges Bank Investment Management CEO, said that xAI used 20,000 H1000 Nvidia chips to build Grok 2, the latest version of the chatbot, and it would need more than 100,000 of those chips for Grok 3, which he intends to launch by May this year.



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