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  • Khushboo Pareek

Airtel joins hands with Google to offer cloud, GenAI products to Indian users

Airtel has joined forces with Google to bring advanced cloud and AI solutions to its businesses across India, where it has a large customer base, as well as many large enterprises and emerging ventures.

The partnership will aim to empower businesses with capabilities like geospatial analytics, location intelligence, predictive analysis, market assessment, site selection, risk management, and asset tracking, according to Tech Crunch.

The companies also plan to offer generative AI, which Airtel will train using its vast data sets.

The Sunil Mittal venture is gearing up to introduce voice analytics for multilingual conversations and advanced marketing tech to predict consumer behaviour and enhance ad targeting. The company has established a support centre in Pune with over 300 experts to assist customers.

Meanwhile, tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are eyeing the telecom sector to leverage its massive data pool. They've inked deals with telecom firms worldwide, aiming to market their generative AI solutions to businesses globally, including the UK and USA.

Google is already an investor in Airtel, and had pledged investment in the Indian firm of $1 billion in 2022. The exact financial details of the deal between Google and Airtel are not known.

Google has also supported Jio Platforms, which runs India's biggest carrier. Jio has a similar long-term partnership with Microsoft, where the two companies promote Office 365 and Azure services to local businesses.


Image Source: Unsplash




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