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An upgraded Siri may come to iPhones by next year


Apple's Apple Intelligence due launch later in the year may make Siri smart enough to edit a phot on command and ship off to someone, gauge what you're looking at on display and predict your need.


However, the new version of Siri, the announcement for which was made at WHBC 2024, won't be available with the initial rollout of Apple Intelligence.


According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, the full new version of Siri, which will be available in iOS 18.4 in the spring of 2025, will allow voice assistants to control actions within the apps.


The new version of Siri may do things like dig your ID out of a 20,000 photo 20,000-photo-deep library in Photos and copy your driver's license number to fill in the online form by using AI.


Other features like a fresh design and integration with ChatGPT are expected to be available in Siri, this year at Apple Intelligence debut, according to the report.


Gurman said the Apple Watch Series 10 and Apple Watch Ultra 3 will have a new processor that could set the stage for future improvement in AI. However, these watches would not run via Apple Intelligence and currently, there is no plan to bring this system to the Apple watch.

Image Source: Unsplash




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