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Apple mulling utilising Google's Gemini AI model for iPhone

Apple is reportedly discussing incorporating Google's Gemini artificial intelligence engine into its iPhone, with talks between the two companies said to be revolving around licensing the controversial AI model for upcoming software features this year.

According to Reuters, details of the deal such as terms, branding, and implementation of the AI agreement are yet to be finalised.

It is suggested that any potential agreement might not be disclosed until June, coinciding with Apple's yearly developer conference, the agency said, citing Bloomberg.

Apple had recently got in discussions with OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, regarding the use of its model for its phones.

A prospective agreement between the companies can facilitate Google's extension of its AI services to over 2 billion active Apple devices, aiding the search giant in its endeavour to compete with Microsoft-backed OpenAI.

The deal might also assuage investor concerns regarding Apple's gradual introduction of AI applications.

Last month, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that the company is making substantial investments in generative AI.

Apple intends to employ its own AI models for certain new features in the upcoming iOS 18. However, for GenAI features such as image creation and essay writing from basic prompts, Apple is seeking a partner to provide the necessary capabilities.

The company has a longstanding partnership Google, which serves as the default search engine on Apple's Safari web browser.

A potential collaboration on AI could assist Google, particularly in addressing concerns that services like ChatGPT might challenge its dominance in search.

However, such an agreement could also attract closer attention from US regulators. Google has faced legal action, accused of unfairly maintaining its search monopoly by paying Apple billions of dollars.

Gemini, an advanced AI engine with versatile applications and capabilities, has not been without its own set of problems.

The AI model found itself in a soup earlier in the month over racially charged generation of images of historical figures.


It also called Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister, a fascist and got rebuked for it by New Delhi.  

In January, Google partnered with Apple's competitor Samsung to integrate its AI technology into the Galaxy S24 smartphones, aiming to promote the use of Gemini following some initial challenges during its launch.

Apple has experienced a 10 per cent decline in its shares this year and has relinquished its position as the world's most valuable firm.






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