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Apple removes WhatsApp, Threads from App Store in China

Apple on Friday removed Meta Platforms' WhatsApp and Threads from its App Store in China in compliance with the country's orders.

Other Meta apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger, as well as, YouTube and X were still accessible.

Apple in an email response to Reuters said, "The Cyberspace Administration of China ordered the removal of these apps from the China storefront based on their national security concerns."

"We are obligated to follow the laws in the countries where we operate, even when we disagree," it added.

It wasn't clear why Chinese authorities viewed WhatsApp or Threads as security risks.

Certain experts in China's tech sector speculated that the government's directive regarding the two apps might be linked to a regulation brought in August, which mandates all apps available in China to register with the government or face removal.

Companies had until the end of March to finish their registrations, and the regulations took effect on April 1.

This is not the first time that Apple has taken down apps from its China App Store. In 2017, The New York Times news app was removed due to violating local regulations.


Image Courtesy: Unsplash


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