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  • Voltaire Staff

Apple warns users in India, 91 other nations of spyware attack

Apple has issued a cautionary alert to its iPhone users in India and 91 other nations about a potential "mercenary spyware attack."

The warning came via a threat notification email sent directly to affected users. According to Apple, the attackers attempted to gain remote access to iPhones, reported Reuters.

Apple in the email said it has been consistently sending such threat notifications several times each year since 2021. It said it has informed users in over 150 countries about potential threats up to now.

In October 2023, Indian politicians  took to social media to share screenshots of a notification attributed to the iPhone-maker that read, "Apple believes you are being targeted by state-sponsored attackers who are trying to remotely compromise the iPhone associated with your Apple ID."

At that time, the company clarified that it did not attribute the threat notifications to "any specific state-sponsored attacker."

Spyware attacks involve malicious software designed to infiltrate devices covertly, enabling unauthorised access to sensitive information or monitoring user activities without consent.

Mercenary spyware attacks involve the use of specialised software by third-party entities, often for financial gain, to infiltrate and compromise the security of devices.

According to the notification email, mercenary spyware attacks are more sophisticated and rare compared to typical cybercriminal activity or malware.


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