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  • Voltaire Staff

Brazil hires OpenAI to cut lawsuit expenses

The Brazilian government has roped in OpenAI to help it cut court ordered expenses which have been on the rise and weighing on the exchequer. 

According to Reuters, OpenAI will render its AI services through Microsoft's Azure cloud platform and will help the federal government make a decision on lawsuits, map trends, and identify areas where the solicitor general's office can act.

The agency reported that the court-ordered debt payments have been eating into Brazil's federal budget increasingly. The government estimates it would spend 70.7 billion reais ($13.2 billion) next year on judicial decisions where it can no longer appeal. The figure excludes smaller payments which amount up to 30 billion reais. 

The total amount of 100 billion reais is roughly 1 per cent of the entire GDP of Brazil. 

The solicitor general's office said that the AI would not replace the existing manpower employed to oversee these lawsuit proceedings, but will complement them. 

"It will help them gain efficiency and accuracy, with all activities fully supervised by humans," it said. 

Image Source: Unsplash


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