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  • Khushboo Pareek

Bumble apologises for ads deriding celibacy

Popular  dating app Bumble, which is hailed for letting women to be the first step makers, has issued a public apology following backlash against an ad campaign that appeared to shame women for not being sexually active and ridiculed individuals who opt for celibacy instead of dating.

In response to the criticism, Bumble announced that it will be removing the controversial ads.

In addition, the company pledged to donate to the National Domestic Violence Hotline and other organisations that champion women's rights.

Furthermore, Bumble revealed plans to offer the billboard spaces originally reserved for the ads to these organisations, allowing them to display messages of their choice for the remaining duration, reported the Verge.

In April, the dating app revamped its app and brand appearance in a bid to appeal to fresh users who feel worn out by the dating scene.

Bumble ran a series of billboard ads containing messages like "You know full well a vow of celibacy is not the answer," and "Thou shalt not give up on dating and become a nun."

Users quickly criticised the company on social media for making celibacy seem like it wasn't a respected choice.

Responding to the backlash, Bumble in a post wrote, "We made a mistake. Our ads referencing celibacy were an attempt to lean into a community frustrated by modern dating, and instead of bringing joy and humor, we unintentionally did the opposite."

People on social media said the ad campaign didn't match Bumble's original idea from when it started in 2014, according to which, it was supposed to be a place where dating was nicer for women.

Critics said that the campaign wasn't respectful to people who choose to be celibate, including Bumble users who are asexual or who don't want sex because of things like trauma.

This problem adds to Bumble's woes, which is already facing a crunch.

In February, the company said it would let go of 350 workers. Its stock price has fallen about 45 per cent since last July as the younger lot is choosing to meet others face-to-face or on social media instead of using dating apps.

Image Source: Unsplash


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