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  • Voltaire Staff

Google launches updates that allow virtual-try-ons of apparel, swiping to rate

Google has launched a series of latest updates in the US aimed at enhancing personalised shopping experience and allowing users to rate various products such as apparel, shoes, and accessories.

The feature will help users searching for merchandise with a dedicated section labelled "style recommendations."

In this section, users can rate items with thumbs up or down, or swipe right or left, to access personalised results instantly.

In case users haven't found what they seek or wish to continue browsing, they have the option to rate more items, resulting in a fresh set of personalised results.

"We’ve started rolling out a new feature to help you get more personalized results in some of our most popular shopping categories. Starting with signed-in U.S. shoppers using mobile browsers and the Google app, when you search for certain apparel, shoes or accessories items — like 'straw tote bags' or 'men’s polo shirts' — you’ll see a section labeled 'style recommendations.' There, you can rate options with a thumbs up or thumbs down, or a simple swipe right or left, and instantly see personalized results," Google in a release said.

The system will also remember user preferences for future searches.

Users can easily manage their preferences by tapping the three dots next to the "Get style recommendations" section and accessing personalisation options in the "About this result" panel.

US shoppers can also specify preferred brands for tailored shopping experiences. Upon selection, options from chosen brands will be immediately visible. To manage preferences, users can tap the three dots next to the "Popular from your favourite brands" section and access personalization options.

Google has its own database of products called Shopping Graph, an ML-powered, real-time data set of the world’s products and sellers, which stores about 45 billion products, and keep getting refreshed with new product.

Among the new updates, there is a tool that allows AI image generation for shopping, allowing users to find apparel styles similar to their specific preferences.

For instance, if someone is searching for a "colourful quilted spring jacket" but hasn't found the right match, they can tap "Generate images" to view photorealistic images aligned with their vision. Once a suitable image is found, users can click on it to explore options.

Google's virtual try-on (VTO) tool offers the assurance regarding how a style will look on the user. Users can observe how the garment drapes, folds, and forms wrinkles and shadows on the model.

The new feature is rolling out to all US shoppers using mobile browsers and the Google app. Google did not say when or if it plans to expand the feature to more countries. 



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