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  • Voltaire Staff

Google makes 'Dark web reports' free to all users

Google has made its "Dark Web reports" feature free to all Google account holders starting late July.

The feature is currently available only to those with a Google One membership or subscription.

The announcement was made through a pop-up banner in the Google One application.

From late July, the feature will be available in the "Results about you" section for all users to help them stay aware of any personal data breach and protect their online presence.

"Dark Web reports," currently, available in 46 countries, allows users to make profiles that track the dark web for personal data breaches and leaks. It scans for sensitive information such as names, addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers.

The "Results about you" function, provides users an option to find and request the removal of search results containing their personal data, and now it will be along with Dark Web reports.

"Starting late July 2024, dark web reports will no longer require a Google One membership. All users signed into their Google Accounts can use the feature as it's made available along with Results about you," Google said.

The company said it made the feature free to make dark web report available to more users.  

Image Source: Unsplash



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