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  • Voltaire Staff

Google to face anti-trust trial over ads in Sept in US

A US federal court has scheduled the commencement of a jury trial against Google for September 9 in an anti-trust lawsuit brought by the US Justice Department and a consortium of states, Reuters reported.

The suit, initiated in January last year, has accused Google of exploiting its control over digital advertising technology, monopolising the market and stifling competition.

The government contends that Google ought to divest its ad manager suite as part of the remedy.


Google has refuted the allegations, asserting that if the lawsuit were to prevail, it would "slow innovation, raise advertising fees, and make it harder for thousands of small businesses and publishers to grow."

Google is also confronted with a trial scheduled for March 2025 in a US federal court in Texas, where Texas and other states have brought forth a lawsuit challenging its ad tech practices.

In a separate case, a judge in Washington, DC, is anticipated to hear closing arguments in May regarding lawsuits filed by the US Justice Department, Colorado, and other states concerning Google's dominance in web search.

The upcoming trial signifies a pivotal legal showdown for Google, as the tech titan is tasked with defending its actions in the digital advertising arena against allegations of monopolistic behaviour.


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