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  • Voltaire Staff

Japan to bring law on AI within 2024

Japan's ruling party has said it will propose legislation on artificial intelligence within 2024, Nikkei business daily reported on Thursday.

The Liberal Democratic Party aims to come up with a law to rein in issues of disinformation, deep fake, and other subversions perpetrated with the technology with a draft complete with penal regulations, it said.

The announcement comes as several nations, including the European Union and the US, are already well advanced in the same direction.  

The past few months have seen several celebrities falling victim to AI-generated deep fake.

Global pop sensation Taylor Swift was no flattered when she found several of her semi-clothed deepfake doing rounds on social media and chose to have them take down.

Indian actor Rashmika Mandanna found herself falling victim to a similar act last November, when a video with her face superimposed on an Instagram influencer made its way to social media.


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