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Meta CEO gets respite from court over some claims of children harm

Embattled Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has got some respite as certain claims in a series of lawsuits alleging that he concealed the harm Facebook and Instagram pose to children were dismissed by a court.

The ruling, issued by US District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers in Oakland, California, on Monday, is part of a larger legal battle involving numerous children who are suing Meta and other social media giants for allegedly fostering addiction to their platforms.

The lawsuits claim that children experienced physical, mental, and emotional harm from using social media, such as anxiety, depression, and, tragically, suicide.

Twenty-five of the lawsuits aimed to hold Zuckerberg personally accountable, alleging that he deliberately misled the public about the safety of the platforms, despite numerous warnings that they were unsuitable for children.

The plaintiffs contended that Zuckerberg's prominent public image and significant influence as the authoritative figure on all matters related to Meta imposed a legal obligation, according to laws in several states, for him to openly and honestly address the risks posed by Meta's products to children.

Judge Rogers stated that the plaintiffs couldn't use Zuckerberg's advanced knowledge of Meta's products to prove that he personally owed a duty to each plaintiff, reported Reuters.

"The court will not countenance such a novel approach here," she said.

The legal action aims to secure compensation and put an end to the practices deemed harmful by the defendants. Additionally, various states and school districts have filed lawsuits against Meta, which are still awaiting resolution.

Many lawsuits from individual children against Meta and other social media companies like Alphabet (Google and YouTube), ByteDance (TikTok), and Snap (Snapchat) are awaiting Rogers' judgment.



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