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Musk defers visit to India

The much-anticipated visit of Elon Musk to India has been postponed, with the possibility of his arrival being scheduled after the elections.

The Tesla chief was set to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi next week and had also planned to meet with officials from states where Tesla might establish an electric vehicle assembly unit.

Musk posted the updates via a post on X, "Unfortunately, very heavy Tesla obligations require that the visit to India be delayed, but I do very much look forward to visiting later this year."

Musk had also intended to meet with executives from space start-ups. However, early Saturday morning, these executives were informed that their meeting with Musk on Monday had been cancelled.

 "We have not been told the new dates of the meeting. It may happen only after the elections," a government official told ET.

The space start-ups scheduled to be visited by Musk were Agnikul Cosmos, Bellatrix Aerospace, Skyroot Aerospace, Dhruva Space, Pixxel, SatSure, and Digantara.

Sources indicate that Musk had plans to delve into the specifics and necessities of establishing the EV car assembly plant and Starlink internet service in India.

Starlink is a satellite network company owned entirely by SpaceX.


Elon Musk. Image Courtesy: Wikipedia


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