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NATO backs project that aims to route undersea cables to space in view of 'attack'


NATO is financing a project that focuses on finding ways to keep the internet running should subsea cables shuttling civilian and military communications across European waters come under attack.


Researchers said they want to develop a way to seamlessly reroute internet traffic from subsea cables to satellite systems during natural disasters.


A grant of $ 433,600 for a $ 2.5 million project and research institution is approved by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s Science for Peace and Security Programme, as per Bloomberg.


Eyup Kuntay Turmus, adviser and program manager at the NATO, said in an email the implementation will start very soon, and confirmed the project's approval.


The project, which will be publically announced at a symposium at Cornell University in New York later in the month, comes amid the fears that Russia or China could mine or otherwise tamper with undersea cables in an attempt to disrupt communication during a military crisis.


Researchers are trying to find a method to detect disturbances on cables and automate bids to access satellite bandwidth to reroute data. Only commercial and government partners will be involved in the project, Bloomberg reported.

Image Source: Unsplash




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