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Nepal bans TikTok for breaking 'social harmony'

Image Courtesy: Unsplash

Nepal government has banned social media app TikTok saying the site was disrupting "social harmony" in the country and bringing in "indecent material."

According to a report in Associated Press, the announcement was made by Nepal Foreign Minister Narayan Prakash Saud following a cabinet meeting.

"The government has decided to ban TikTok as it was necessary to regulate the use of the social media platform that was disrupting social harmony, goodwill and flow of indecent materials," Saud said.

He said that in order to make them accountable, the country has asked social media sites to open a liaison office in the country, pay taxes, and abide by its rules.

Several nations have expressed concerns over the data sharing practices of the site owned by China's ByteDance.  At least in the US, the firm came under scrutiny with one of its top officials appearing in court over apprehensions that the app may be sharing users' data with China which may use it to its advantage.

TikTok has denied it shares its data with the Chinese government.

All the same, privacy concerns have led to the app's getting either fully or partially banned by several governments.

Many countries, including the UK, the Netherlands, France, Australia, Denmark, and European Union, have barred government officials from keeping the app on their phones for concerns of data privacy.

India imposed a complete ban on the app following the clash with Chinese forces in Galwan on the Arunachal Pradesh border in 2020. India lost 20 soldiers in the clash.








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