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OpenAI pitching top firms across continents ChatGPT Enterprise: Sources

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman recently welcomed numerous top executives from Fortune 500 companies in San Francisco, New York, and London and pitched AI services for corporate use.

According to a report in Reuters, attendees revealed that in certain instances, OpenAI found itself in direct competition with its financial supporter, Microsoft. Speaking under anonymity, attendees disclosed that Altman personally engaged with over 100 executives at each event in the respective cities.

The events show how OpenAI, known for its popular consumer products that use advanced AI, is now trying to make money from businesses worldwide.

During every event, Altman and COO Brad Lightcap showcased various products, including ChatGPT Enterprise, a professional version of their popular chatbot that creates text from basic prompts. They also presented software that links customer applications to their AI services, called APIs, along with their latest text-to-video models.

OpenAI has assured customers of ChatGPT Enterprise that their data won't be utilised for training its models.

Microsoft, which holds 49 per cent stake in OpenAI and is its biggest investor, provides access to OpenAI's technology via its Azure cloud platform. They also sell Microsoft 365 Co-pilot, a productivity tool for businesses that uses OpenAI's models.

At the events, some executives wondered why they should buy ChatGPT Enterprise when they already use Microsoft products. To which Altman and Lightcap responded that paying for the enterprise service would let them collaborate directly with the OpenAI team, access the newest models, and have more chances to get personalised AI products, as per attendees.

OpenAI, which was worth $86 billion in a recent sale bid, has been working on making money in different ways. Sources say it's expected to hit its goal of making $1 billion in revenue by 2024.


 Image Courtesy: Unsplash




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