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  • Vishal Narayan

OpenAI terminates accounts of malicious state actors, including 2 from China

OpenAI on Wednesday said it terminated at least five state-affiliated malicious actors, including two from China, which were trying to query ChatGPT for information on undetectable malware and creation of phishing campaigns.

OpenAI made the discovery of these actors and moved to terminate them in partnership with Microsoft Threat Intelligence, which said it tracks 300 unique threat actors, including 160 nation-state actors and 50 ransomware groups.

"Based on collaboration and information sharing with Microsoft, we disrupted five state-affiliated malicious actors: two China-affiliated threat actors known as Charcoal Typhoon and Salmon Typhoon; the Iran-affiliated threat actor known as Crimson Sandstorm; the North Korea-affiliated actor known as Emerald Sleet; and the Russia-affiliated actor known as Forest Blizzard," the AI platform said in a statement.

It said that the actors generally sought to use OpenAI services for "querying open-source information, translating, finding coding errors, and running basic coding tasks."

According to the statement, the most common information sought by these actors was related to generating content for phishing or spear-phishing campaigns, and researching common ways malware could evade detection.


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