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  • Vishal Narayan

AI will make everyone programmer, says Nvidia boss Jensen Huang

Computer science is no more to serve the bleeding edge of innovation, for as things stand everyone is a programmer, said US chipmaker Nvidia's CEO Jensen Huang.

Huang made the remarks on Monday at World Governments Summit in Dubai during a fireside chat with the UAE’s Minister of AI, His Excellency Omar Al Olama.  

The response came when the minister asked Huang if it was true that one had to study computer science in order to compete in the information age, as expounded often by the tech visionaries.

"In fact, it’s almost exactly the opposite… It is our job to create computing technologies that nobody has to program and that the programming language is human: everybody in the world is now a programmer — that is the miracle," Huang replied.

The Nvidia boss also batted for a homegrown AI in local languages, with the ownership of data resting with the native governments.

"It codifies your culture, your society’s intelligence, your common sense, your history – you own your own data," Huang told Al Olama at the event which during its course was attended by more than 4,000 delegates from 150 countries.

"It’s not that costly, it is also not that hard," Huang said. "The first thing that I would do, of course, is I would codify the language, the data of your culture into your own large language model."

The recent spurt in AI platforms, a trail blazed by ChatGPT, has sent Nvidia's stocks skyrocketing since 2022, and the firm now values at more than $1.82 trillion, ahead of e-commerce giant Amazon, which had total market value of $1.81 trillion till Monday.




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