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  • Voltaire Staff

Reliance builds 'Jio Brain' to bring power of AI to telecom

Jio Platforms, a subsidiary of Reliance Industries, has built an AI-powered platform named 'Jio Brain,' which integrates machine learning into telecom, enterprise, or IT environments.


According to Aayush Bhatnagar, a Senior Vice President at Jio, and who gave the information in a LinkedIn post on Monday, the technology has been developed by hundreds of engineers over two years.


According to the post, Jio Brain, with over 500 APIs at its disposal, empowers the creation of ML-enabled services, such as processing of images, videos, text, documents, and speech.


"Jio Brain will help create new 5G services, transform enterprises, optimise networks, as well as set the stage for 6G development – where ML is a key capability," he wrote in the post.


The platform also encompasses a cloud-based solution with a plug-and-play architecture, a range of AI and ML-embedded mobile and web applications, and robust data integration capabilities.




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