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UK's Eton College to ban smartphones for first-year students, replace them with Nokia


One of the world's most prestigious schools, Eton College, is planning to ban smartphones for its incoming first-year students and replace them with old-school Nokia phones.


A spokesperson for the school told Business Insider that the new policy came as Eton College struggles to manage students' education alongside technological developments.


"Eton routinely reviews our mobile phone and devices policy to balance the benefits and challenges technology brings to schools," the spokesperson said.


"From September those joining in Year 9 will receive a 'brick' phone for use outside the school day, as well as a School-issued iPad to support academic study. Age-appropriate controls remain in place for other year groups," the person added.


The UK-based entity is an exclusive boarding school is located outside London, near Windsor. Prince William, Prince Harry, Eddie Redmayne, and Tom Hiddleston are among its best-known alumni.

It is also known for educating several future prime ministers like David Cameron and Boris Johnson, as well as author George Orwell.


The new policy is a step-up from the school's previous smartphone rules. In 2018, it ordered its first-year students to hand in their smartphones overnight.


Brick phones or "dumb" phones allow students to call or send messages but do not give access to the internet.


There has been a revival in the popularity of these devices in recent years, in part driven by exhaustion from social media among younger users, besides the phones' retro appeal.

Image Source: Unsplash



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