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Ukraine deploys 'first-ever' AI diplomat

Ukraine is all set to introduce an AI-created spokesperson named Victoria Shi to convey official messages for its foreign ministry.

Victoria made her debut in a social media presentation on Wednesday, donning professional attire and exhibiting human-like speech and gestures, reported Guardian. However, the content by Victoria will be authored by humans.

The country's foreign ministry said it would "for the first time in history" use a digital spokesperson to read its statements.

While embracing AI technology for her presentation, the foreign ministry stressed that Shi's statements would be curated and authenticated by human personnel, rather than being AI-generated.

Ukraine's move marks the world's first integration of AI in diplomatic services. By leveraging advanced AI capabilities, Ukraine not only aims to boost communication efficiency but also establishes a blueprint for global governmental operations harnessing technology.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said that employing a digital spokesperson aims to streamline operations, freeing up diplomats to concentrate on other tasks.

"It’s only the visual part that the AI helps us to generate," Dmytro said.

The "technological leap that no diplomatic service in the world has yet made," she added.

The AI spokesperson, named after a combination of "victory" and the Ukrainian term for artificial intelligence, "shtuchniy intelekt," was developed by the Game Changers team, renowned for its virtual reality content related to Ukraine's ongoing conflict.

Modelled after Rosalie Nombre, a singer and former participant in Ukraine's edition of "The Bachelor" from the now Russian-controlled Donetsk, Shi embodies Nombre's appearance and voice.

To combat misinformation and ensure the credibility of statements from the AI spokesperson, the foreign ministry will accompany Shi's presentations with QR codes. These codes will link to text versions of the statements on the ministry's official website, offering an additional layer of authentication.

Shi will tackle a range of issues, notably consular services, which have stirred controversy in Ukraine.  

With 54,000 followers on Instagram, she engages in discussions about stereotypes regarding mixed-race Ukrainians and individuals raised as Russian speakers.

Image Source: Unsplash




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