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Wait list for Xiaomi's first EV up to 7 months

Chinese electronics giant Xiaomi is advising prospective buyers about potential wait times of up to seven months for its latest SU7 electric sedan, revealing a robust demand for the vehicle.

After unveiling its SU7 electric vehicle sedan pricing, starting at $29,870, Xiaomi initiated consumer orders on Thursday.

According to Reuters, by Friday night, pre-orders surged to an impressive 88,898 within the initial 24-hour window.

On Monday, checks on Xiaomi's car app revealed delivery estimates for the company's SU7 electric vehicle line-up. The standard SU7 model and the SU7 Pro model are both projected to have delivery times of 18 to 21 weeks.

Meanwhile, the car's highest-priced variant, valued at 299,900 yuan, is anticipated to require a longer waiting period, with deliveries spanning from 27 to 30 weeks.

"Xiaomi EV's first product - the highly anticipated Xiaomi SU7, has been "pre-launched," with its design, performance, range, safety, and other details making global debut, according to Xiaomi.


The car has been positioned as a "full-size high-performance eco-technology sedan" by the company, which is otherwise known for making smartphones.  

As part of its sales campaign launch, Xiaomi introduced two exclusive versions of the car named "Founder's Edition," which include complementary gifts like refrigerators. The initial batch of 5,000 of these special edition cars sold out immediately upon the commencement of consumer orders on Thursday.

On Sunday, Xiaomi's co-founder and CEO, Lei Jun, took to Weibo to reveal plans for a second round of sales for the Founder's Edition.

However, Lei Jun refrained from specifying the quantity available for this round.

H though noted that Xiaomi had identified and thwarted abnormal orders, as well as those placed by scalpers, during the initial ordering phase for the Founder's Edition.

Xiaomi constructed a Beijing factory with the capacity to manufacture 200,000 cars per year, even before obtaining regulatory approval for manufacturing in China.

In November, state-owned automaker BAIC Group revealed its collaboration with Xiaomi to produce cars at the same factory owned by Xiaomi.




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