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  • Voltaire Staff

X may do away with like, repost count, Musk hints

 X CEO Elon Musk has hinted at a potential change in the platform's user engagement metrics, suggesting that the platform might cease displaying the counts of likes and reposts individuals receive on their posts.

During his appearance at Morgan Stanley's technology, media, and telecom conference on Wednesday, Musk said he believes showcasing such details could clutter the platform's interface, Reuters reported.

The comment marks another instance of Musk proposing significant alterations to X since acquiring it in October 2022. In July 2023, Musk announced that Twitter would be rebranded to X.

In August, Musk announced plans to remove all article headlines from links posted on the platform, citing aesthetic enhancements. These adjustments were implemented in October but were later reversed less than two months later.

In a post on X on November 22, Musk revealed that the platform would display article titles "in the upper portion of the image of a URL card."

"No, the title will be in the image overlaid at the top, with URL overlaid at the bottom, as it is now – no extra vertical pixels used," Musk said when a user called him out for reversing his own decisions. "I hate those giant, ugly URL cards."



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