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X to fund ex-Block employee's lawsuit against termination over Hamas posts

X has announced it will finance a lawsuit brought by a person against her former employer Block, founded by Jack Dorsey, the visionary behind Twitter.

Former Block employee Chloe Happe in her legal action has alleged that Block unjustly terminated her in retaliation for two posts she published on what she describes as her "pseudonymous, satirical account" on X, during her personal time.

Elon-Musk owned X in a post said, "X is funding a lawsuit filed today by Chloe Happe against her former employer, Block. Block fired Chloe because of the political opinions she expressed on X. Chloe had two pseudonymous accounts on X, @bronzeageshawty and the now-deprecated @samsarashawty."

The post, which was also reposted by Musk, further read, "She did not reference Block or her own identity on either account before Block fired her. But because some of the opinions she expressed in her X accounts did not conform to the prevailing political orthodoxy, Block fired her, in violation of the law.  X is supporting her suit to vindicate her rights."

One of the posts made was in reference to the October 7 Hamas attacks against Israel. It was about refugees fleeing Gaza. In another post, she targeted individuals with disabilities and transgender individuals, alluding to the use of a "gender-neutral restroom in the office."

Happe has claimed she was merely being satirical and didn't mention Block in any post on her anonymous account and that none of these posts were made during her work hours.

She added that she voluntarily removed the post about refugees within days of posting it. As for the post containing slurs, she deleted it on the same day after noticing that X had restricted its visibility.

In her lawsuit, Happe claimed that although she denied making the posts initially due to fear of consequences, Block still managed to obtain copies of them. She argued that Block refused to disclose whether another employee had complained about the posts.

Happe also had accused Block of terminating her without severance solely because she expressed views that the company disagreed with.

She pointed out that Block's policies explicitly permitted employees to engage in speech similar to her posts, indicating that the company violated its own rules.

Happe is petitioning the court to reinstate her as an employee of Block and seeking compensatory and punitive damages.


Mar 31

Stupid bitch learns about "digital footprint". Yeah. Its not just a meme.

Mar 31
Replying to

She's also trying to bring in politics into this when she deadass called her fucking colleague a retard and tranny?? Idk but any professional workplace that does regular checks LIKE THIS won't put up with your "edgy" bullshit. Grow up.

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