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YouTube upgrades 'erase song' tool with AI

YouTube has announced an upgraded "erase song" tool to remove songs from videos without deleting other audio like conversation.  

Even though the "erase song" feature has been around for a while in beta version, YouTube has now introduced an AI-powered algorithm to "more accurately identify and remove copyrighted content."

When creators get a copyright claim, YouTube provides them the option to cut out the part or replace the song with an approved one in its audio library. Also, creators cannot monetise the video until they resolve the claim.

The website has been working on the erase tool for a while and was not satisfied with the results.

YouTube admitted that the tool may not have always worked as intended and it sometimes could be hard depending on the quality of the audio or the presence of other sound present in the video.

Along with trimming audio, the tool can also be used to mute a part of their video. The website's upgraded erase song tool will be available in YouTube Studio soon.

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